Current Students (Starting 2014)

Omega Douglas

I have practiced as a journalist, editor, media consultant and journalism educator for almost two decades. I have a BA in Media & Communications from Goldsmiths (First Class) and MA in Global Media from SOAS (Distinction). My research focuses on international news, NGOs, race and representation of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Shivonne Gates

I completed a BA in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2010 with First Class Honours. I obtained my MA in English specialising in Linguistics from North Carolina State University, graduating in 2014 with a 4.0 GPA
My MA research and current work focuses on language and ethnicity, style, identity, discourse analysis, and sociophonetics. My PhD research involves an ethnographic study of adolescents in a multicultural school.

Josie Hamper

I completed my MA Hons in Geography at the University of St Andrews and MSc in Geography (with specialism in the Geography of Health) at Queen Mary, before returning to Queen Mary to do my PhD in 2014.
My PhD research adopts a qualitative methodology to explore the everyday use of maternal health and parenting smartphone applications ("apps"). More broadly the aim is to consider the use of these apps within the context of a biopolitics of reproduction, where planning, discipline, self-documentation and self-reflection are considered paramount.
Alongside and in-between studying I have worked in primary health care and on various projects as a freelance consultant in Copenhagen.

Tim Hickman

B.A. (Hons) in Sociology, Psychology and Statistics; CQSW (Certificate of Qualification in Social Work); PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education); MA Social Research.
My research project examines the perspectives and experiences of cyberbullying amongst young members of vulnerable and marginalised groups, using ethnography and narratives. It considers the performance of racism, the impact of the discriminatory discourse, the meanings ascribed to cyberbullying by young people, and impact on collective culture, imagined futures and relatedness to digital devices.
I spent over thirty years working in inner-city secondary schools in socially disadvantaged areas, as a teacher, Advisor and Consultant. I currently work as a volunteer mentor to young people, and as a Peer Assisted Learning mentor at Goldsmiths.

Vanessa Hughes

BA Philosophy & Politcs, University of Durham MA Migration Studies, University of Sussex
Her particular interests are in irregular migration, child migration, family migrants, citizenship, processes of othering and refugees/exilees.

David Jeffery

MA in Politics with Research Methods - Distinction BA (Hons) in International Relations and Politics - First Class
My PhD research focuses on the causes of the electoral decline of the Conservative Party in Liverpool from 1945 onwards. My main research interests include: the political history of Liverpool, the Conservative Party, and British politics. Beyond my thesis, I am also interested in policy formulation (especially in the areas of transport, housing, welfare, and energy), political philosophy, and international relations.
I am a keen runner, and have branched out into triathlons in 2015, starting with the London Triathlon in May 2015.

Xavier Job

I gained a BSc in Psychology (hons) at the University of Surrey, with one years professional placement at the Humboldt University of Berlin within the biological psychology/psychophysiology lab. I then completed an MSc in Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience at Goldsmiths.
My research interests fall within cognitive psychology and neuroscience. My proposed PhD research investigates the bidirectional nature of motor and perceptual/attentional processes. More specifically, the research attempts to investigate recent findings that not only can visual perception influence motor processes, but that these effects can be reversed - such that intending to act upon an object in the environment can fundamentally alter the perception of it. To investigate this coupling of action and perception I use a combination of behavioural, electrophysiological (EEG) and brain stimulation techniques in healthy individuals as well in two developmental disorders associated with perceptual and motor difficulties - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and developmental coordination disorder (DCD).

Jonathan Jones

University of Wales, Aberystwyth (1998-2001), BScEcon (Hons) International Politics with Intelligence Studies. Swansea University (2004-2005), MA (Hons) International Relations.
My current research interests is centred around labour and logistics in global production networks. I have previously published work on numerous aspects of contemporary anti-systemic social movements.

Elisabetta Pasini

Msc at GSE in Barcelona. Mres and PhD at Queen Mary University of London
Immigration, public policy, education, labour economics

Danniella Samos

BA Humanities with English Language (Open University), MA Linguistics (Queen Mary, University of London)
My research interests include sociolinguistics, health communication, discourse analysis, gender, sexuality, agency, corpus linguistics, conceptual metaphor

Caroline Spence

Human Attitudes to Animal Welfare and Sentience

Rebecca Wheeler

MRes Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University, 2010-2012 Modules include Research Designs in Psychology, Advanced Design and Statistics, Philosophies of Research, Discourse Analysis and Qualitative Research. Dissertation: Personality and Police Interviews: The impact of similar personality types on disclosure, supervised by Dr Zoe Walkington. Awarded the 2012 annual prize for the best overall MRes mark (Psychology stream). MA Psychology (Hons), University of Aberdeen, 2005-2010 Thesis: Getting To Know You: Self-similarity and memory conformity, supervised by Dr. Kevin Allan. Subsidiary passes: Level 2 ECDL, Statistics and Sociology.
My research interests broadly fall into Applied Psychology and Applied Memory areas. My PhD focuses on techniques which can be implemented to improve witness recall in investigative interviews. Previous work has examined the impact that similarity between co-witnesses can have upon memory conformity, and how interviewer/interviewee personality similarities could affect levels of information disclosed in investigative interviews.
Currently I am working as a Graduate Trainee Teacher, responsible for leading first year psychology tutorials. I am also employed as a Research Participation Scheme Coordinator, responsible for the smooth running of the departmental research participation scheme.